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What is SMART Learning Suite?
SMART Learning Suite (SLS) is a platform for lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration, and game-based learning. 
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Which SMART products does the district use?
Every classroom either has a SMART interactive whiteboard permanently installed or access to one on a mobile cart. The following software components are available to all teaching staff. Click on a linked solution below to learn more about it?
  • Lab (activities)
  • Amp (collaborative space)
Which version of SMART Notebook software should I have?
As of the 2018-2019 school year, if you are running any version of the software earlier than 17.1, you should seek out the assistance of the building computer aide to get it updated. The SMART Notebook software includes the necessary components to use other SMART products, such as Lab, Response 2, Ink, Recorder, and SLS Online. The Notebook software is also required to enable the interactive whiteboard's touch capabilities. Without SMART Notebook, the board will simply be a display screen.
Do I have to use SMART Notebook software to use the SMART interactive whiteboard?
Yes and no. The Notebook software is required to enable the interactive whiteboard's touch capabilities. Without SMART Notebook, the board will simply be a display screen. If a user would like to interact with the board without using SMART Notebook they can by simply having the software installed and connecting to the board via a USB cable or Bluetooth. This will allow the user to interact with displayed content via touch, no matter the source of the content.
Do I have to stand at the board to interact with SMART software?
No. Users can run Notebook lesson from a mobile device. Circulate in the classroom while running a lesson on the SMART board. Download the free SMART Notebook Player app, share a lesson to the board with the iQ feature, and run it from a smartphone or tablet.
**Note: The app requires iOS 10.0 or later. The following devices will NOT run on iOS 10.0: iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, and 5th generation iPod. There are several district-owned iPads this will impact.**

SLS Online and SMART Amp want me to log in? How do I do that?
The simplest way for teachers to create and use their SLS Online and Amp accounts is to use Google Single Sign On. Log in with your byron226 Google account. Students can also use their byron226 Google account to join their teachers' classes in the cloud.
Why am I seeing a warning message about content not loading when I open a Notebook lesson?
The culprit is very likely Flash content. As of version 16.2, SMART Notebook no longer supports Adobe Flash Player. If a message is displaying about Flash content being disabled, it is due to one of many items that will no longer function in a Notebook lesson. These items need updated to new content. This can be done by using one of the built in features (i.e. SMART lab activity) or convert to a HTML5 version of the item in the Notebook library. Check out this knowledge base article for a list of items that will need updated.
*Note: It is key that users update their lessons on a regular basis to stay current with technology requirements.

Digital Resources:
SMART Communities - collaborate with other SMART users or experts to find solutions
SMART Exchange - free lesson resources for SMART software
SMARTClassrooms YouTube Channel - Learn basic and enhanced skills for SMART Notebook software
Training - SMART Notebook 17 self-paced, online training
Webinars - Learn more about SMART products and how to use them

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