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Byron Community School District #226

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What is SpamTitan?
SpamTitan is the anti-spam email solution the district began using in the 2016-2017 school year. It touts a 99.9% detection rate for viruses, malware, and spam.

How do I know it is working?
A spam quarantine report will arrive in your inbox. You can adjust how often the report arrives (daily, weekdays only, Fridays, monthly, and never). There are links within every quarantine report that can be used to adjust the frequency.  

I want to see an email that was caught in the filter. What do I do?
You can have the email released immediately to your inbox by clicking the Deliver link in the quarantine report. You can also prevent the filter from catching future emails from the sender by clicking the Whitelist link in the quarantine report.
sample SpamTitan quarantine report

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