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Byron Community School District #226

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Curriculum Home

The Common Core Standards Project at the Byron Community Unit School District No. 226 regards the work of teachers and administrators in the academic areas of English/Language Arts and mathematics with the goals of improving curriculum, delivery of instruction, and assessment as the foundations for leading improvements in student learning. The Common Core Standards Projects is a District-wide effort whereby teams of teachers and administrators in each academic area meet on a one-time-per-month basis for an entire school day in order to analyze the District’s current curriculum. In addition teams restructure that curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards and Partnership for Assessment of College and Career Readiness Frameworks and Assessments (PARCC), and newly establish a highly-cognitively challenging and skills-based curriculum to promote top-caliber student learning.

On behalf of the Board of Education, I strongly commend the work of the District’s teachers and administrators with this significant curriculum and instruction project. The work of the District’s teachers and administrators evidences the highest standards of professionalism and competencies. The outcomes of this completed work for advancing on current student learning performance will be profound throughout our school district.

Sincerely, Dr. James Hammack

October 12, 2012