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Byron Community School District #226

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District LMS (eBackpack)

The LMS Byron School District uses is eBackpack. Information on student & parent access can be found at left.

What is an LMS?

There are many definitions for a learning management system (LMS). One that is simplistic and to-the-point is that an LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (e-learning).

Why use an LMS?
  • Centralized source of learning: content for ALL classes is available at ALL times from the same source. This provides consistency to the delivery and evaluation of class materials.
  • Window to the classroom: all stakeholders are able to access class content and be active members of the learning process. This includes teachers, students, administration, and parents/guardians. Different permissions are given to different members. For example, students can view and possible edit content while parents may have view only priveldges.
  • Tracking and reporting system: progress on content mastery can be tracked and reported on. This aids in aligning content to standards, assessing needs for reteaching, and course corrections as needed.
  • Assessment capabilities: whether formative or summative, assessments can be set up to provide instant feedback and easily allow repeat for mastery if desired. Using control features, teachers can regulate student access to historic and future assessments.
  • Time saving capabilities: work smarter not harder. From providing content to student to grading student work, time is the #1 resource everyone needs more of. In the long run, digital access to class content saves everyone time, which is better spent on students collaborating and teachers facilitating.

Why a Standardized LMS is Right for BCUSD?
The Byron Community Unit School District 226 is in the process of identifying and adopting a standardized Learning Management System (LMS) for the 2016-2017 school year. In general, an LMS is high-functioning software which establishes a direct link between students and their parents/guardians in order to advance the work of the classroom/course including, but not limited to, the following: online education tools, grade books, instructor's comments, learning resources, creation of assessments, posting of videos, access to external websites, development of lessons, classroom participation information, attendance information, discussion boards, and housing of the District's digital curriculum.

For Byron Community Unit School District 226 specifically, the advantages for adopting a standardized software portal and LMS are numerous. Here is just a brief listing of those advantages:
  • Advancement of 21st Century work through a technology integrationist model.
  • Advancement of 21st Century work through its professional development training.
  • Advancement of 21st Century work through instruction methods which are aligned with Active Learning and 21st Century technology practices, including a Flipped Classroom Delivery of Instruction and a Model Classroom/Learn Lab environment.
  • Advancement of 21st Century work through grading and homework methods which are aligned with content-area learning standards (PARCC AND NGSS) and which accurately reflect college and career readiness.
  • Advancement of 21st Century work through its professional development training.
  • Advancement of communication practices between students, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators in order to provide for improved student learning and achievement.
Dr. James Hammack