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What is LanSchool?
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Why can't I see my students?
  1. Is the teacher console set to IP Directed Broadcast / Connection Server. This is checked by going to Administer > Preferences > Network. If not, the building computer aide will need to log onto the teacher device and adjust the data transmission settings.
  2. Is LanSchool installed on the student device? The building computer aide can check this and if need be, install it on the student device.

What is a dynamic class list?
Dynamic class list is a way to connect a teacher to each class they have in Skyward. The connection is based on the teacher logged onto the computer. Whoever is logged in is whose class lists will show.

How do I get my dynamic class list?
  • Go to Administer > One to One > Load Dynamic Class List...
  • Search for classes by the login name. Click the Options button.
  • Browse to This PC > X drive > LanSchool Files. Click OK.
  • Your list of classes should now appear in the Classes section. Select one and click Load.
 **NOTE: If you find you continually have to connect to the X drive to load dynamic class lists, you likely need an update to your version of LanSchool. Reach out the the building computer aide for an update.**

This video series will play 20 short videos one after the other covering each feature in the program. If additional assistance is needed, teachers may submit IT Request in SchoolDude. SchoolDude will route your issue to the proper Byron technology personnel. A link for SchoolDude's login is under the Staff tab on the district web site homepage.
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