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Byron Community School District #226

Technology Requests



The planning process for any technology needs for the following school year begins with the Technology Application forms. This process will help everyone involved with the expectations, planning and budgeting of any technology projects or needs for the next school year. Completion of these forms for any of your technology requests are extremely important as the budget is built using a zero based-budgeting approach. This means if there is not a plan for it or request for it in the budget, there won’t be money for it. It is important that ANY staff member of the District that has a need or request for added or updated technology, software, training or accessories needs to submit a Technology Application form outlining the request.  If you submitted an application previously and it was not fulfilled due to budget constraints, please resubmit your request again as we will make every attempt to accomplish the request this next school year. If assistance is needed in completing the form contact your Building Technology Aide or a member of the IT Department.


The process:

  1. Any technology needs or software is requested using the online Technology Application. The deadline for ANY staff member to submit a request is end of school, March 4, 2022.
  2. After the Technology Application is submitted, the completed form is electronically sent to the respective Administrator/Director.
  3. Applications are reviewed by the Administrator/Director on the use of this request to improve student learning and fulfillment of goals.
  4. After the Administrator/Director has completed their review, satisfactory applications are forwarded to the Director of Information Technology.
  5. Applications are reviewed by a team consisting of the Administrator in charge of the curriculum area, your Building Administrator and the Director of Information Technology. The team determines the following:
    • Any necessary alignment with the curriculum
    • How the requests can be accomplished
    • The products needed
    • Assembly of budgetary numbers
    • Timelines for successful implementation

ALL technology request forms must be submitted using the online form which can be accessed by the link below labeled "All Staff Technology Request Applications".

No paper applications will be accepted.