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Byron Community School District #226

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Which G Suite solutions does the district use?
Some of these services are not available to all users in the district. Click a linked solution below to find out more about it.

How do I access my Google Account?
To utilize the G Suite solutions available to byron226 Google domain, you must login with your byron226 credentials. Go to and click the Google sign in button button in the upper right corner. All students and staff have Google accounts. Login with your email (students use their ID number email). The initial password on your account can be obtained by contacting the computer aide in your building. If you find you cannot log in and need to reset the password, contact the computer aide in your building.

How can I get Google Certification?
There are a several options for becoming certified by Google for Education. The coursework is free. It is optional to take the examination at the end for a nominal fee. In order to be certified, teachers must pass the exams. Any Google certification sought by district employees is at the employees' will and is not formally provided or compensated by the district.
Certification options include Educator Level 1, Educator Level 2, Google for Education Certified Trainer, and Google for Education Certified Innovator. More information on the programs can be found on the Google Training Center web site.

How do I get extensions, themes, and apps for my Chrome browser?
The Chrome browser is a separate entity from G Suite. You can use the Chrome browser without logging into your Google account. However, if you would like to add extensions, add apps, or customize the user interface you will be required to log into your Google account. The Byron schools Google domain has its own Chrome Web Store. In order to use extensions, apps, and themes, they must be approved and added to our web store. To request an addition to the district web store, contact the technology integrationist.
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