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Byron Community School District #226

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Who We Are

Mission Statement - To Develop Community-Minded 21st Century Learners
Mary Morgan Elementary
Mary Morgan Elementary School Marquee
Byron Middle School
Byron Middle School
Byron High School
Byron High School
Technology Center
BHS Technology Center
Mary Morgan Elementary
Population - Mary Morgan Elementary School serves approximately 650 students ranging in age from 3 to 11.
Building – Mary Morgan Elementary School is divided into two sections. The Early Childhood to 1st grade wing is on the west side of the building and is approximately 20 years old. The 2nd -5th grade wing is located on the East side of the building and was built in, 2011. In summation, the building is 124,000 square feet.

Technology Integration – In effort to help students gain the necessary skills needed to be successful in the current 21st century workforce, Mary Morgan students are exposed to and interact with a multitude technology-based resources. SmartBoards, Responders, Document Cameras, and Chromebooks are all integrated into our school culture. Mary Morgan is currently involved in a 1:1 initiative for students in grades 2-5.

Academic Achievement - In 2016, 70% of Mary Morgan students in grades 3-5 met or exceeded state standards on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment in the areas of English/Language Arts and Math. Scores like these place Mary Morgan ahead of the state average of 33.4% and earning nomination for Exemplary High Performing School by the state of Illinois.
Byron Middle School
Population - Byron Middle School serves approximately 340 students in grades 6-8.
Building - The middle school is was built in 2009. This technology enhanced facility designed to perfectly accommodate the middle school philosophy. Staff members are organized into teams, with daily collaboration focused on curriculum and students.

Technology - All classrooms are equipped with Smartboards, projectors, and sound systems. Starting in 2012, every middle school student was issued a laptop computer and technology is integrated into every classroom they visit.

Academic Achievement - Byron Middle School students have historically achieved well above the state average, as measured by the state standardized tests. In 2016, 46.4% of Byron Middle School students met or exceeded state standards on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment in the areas of English/Language Arts and Math compared to the state average of 33.4%.
Byron High School
Population - Byron High School serves approximately 490 students in grades 9-12.
Building - The high school had a new addition built in 2007. This new wing brought a 35,000 square foot addition which is known as the Math and Science wing.

Technology - All classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and projectors; many also have sound systems. Starting in 2013, every high school student was issued a laptop computer. Technology is incorporated into the lessons of every class they are in throughout the day.

Academic Achievement - In 2016, for the third year in a row, Byron High School raised its ACT scores with an average of 22.4%. The high school consistently outperforms comparable schools in the nation on standardized tests. Starting in 2017, all juniors took the SAT per the state of Illinois decision to switch their college entrance exam. High school students no longer take PARCC assessments.
The History of Byron Schools
by Ardis L. Sherman
Special thanks to Mrs. Jeter

Byron's heritage of education began with the founding settlers, and has always been of continuing importance as an element of progress for this community. It is of note that history says the first schoolhouse in Ogle County was built in Byron in the summer and winter of 1836-37 by Silas St. John Mix.

The 1840's were the the transitional years for all phases of community growth, and education was no exception. Several private schools developed in and near Byron.
The Byron Academy, an imposing two-story brick building was erected in 1853. The Academy was founded as a private school. The Academy was, in essence, the forerunner of the high school. The first Ogle County Fair was held on the Academy grounds in 1853, and the building was used as the exhibition hall. The Trustees of Schools for the Township purchased the Academy in 1864 and from that day forward it became BYRON HIGH SCHOOL.
In 1890, an addition tripled the size of the original Academy structure. Then, on February 3, 1905, fire consumed the entire school. The school was immediately rebuilt in 1905-06.

Hershel V. Lynn came to the Byron school as Superintendent in 1912 and initiated a continuing drive for state recognition of the school. The superintendent of Public Instruction of Illinois further accredited Byron High School as a satisfactory four year high school in 1915. In 1920 a successful referendum expanded the school to include all area rural high school students and it was then named Byron Community High School.
A new high school was built in 1939 with the aid of W.P.A. funds. The original building continued to serve as a grade school until the introduction of unit schools. This concept was the merging of several small school districts to form one unit. Again by referendum, Byron said yes and Byron Community Unit School #226 came into being in 1949. There was an enrollment of 378 students in the elementary and 108 students in the high school.

The growth continued until, in 1964, with elementary enrollment 633 and high school 191, the new Mary Morgan Elementary School was opened to Kindergarten through 6th grade. The namesake, Miss Mary Morgan, was born and raised in Byron and attended Byron schools. After further education she returned to teach third and fourth grades in the elementary schools.

In 1972 enrollment was 704 in the elementary and 333 in the high school and in this year more additions were made to the Mary Morgan school and new library, study hall, cafeteria and industrial arts shop areas were added to the high school.