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Byron Community School District #226

Vision & Hearing Screening

Adequate vision and hearing are paramount to educational performance. Annual vision and hearing screenings typically begin in the Fall. Screenings are mandated for specific grade levels and student groups.

Vision screening is not a substitute for a complete eye and vision evaluation by an eye doctor. Your child is not required to undergo this vision screening if an optometrist or ophthalmologist has completed and signed a report form indicating that an examination has been administered within the previous 12 months.

The parent or legal guardian of a student may object to hearing or vision screening tests for their children on religious grounds. If a religious objection is made, a written and signed statement from the parent or legal guardian detailing such objections must be presented to the local school authority.

Screening instruments, screening procedures and referral criteria are defined in the Illinois Administrative Code. Students whose screening results meet referral criteria are referred to an eye doctor or family physician for further evaluation.

Fall 2019 screening dates:
Monday, November 4 - Friday, November 15