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Byron Community School District #226

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Student Accident Insurance

Byron CUSD has purchased Student Accident Insurance Coverage on your child's behalf. This program provides coverage for your child for any injuries incurred while participating in any school-sponsored and/or supervised activity, or on school grounds. This coverage extends to all students, including athletes. Any unreimbursed medical expenses incurred by you, including deductible charges, may be submitted for request for reimbursement with a claim form. To obtain a claim form or for information regarding the coverage, contact Amy Adkins, Human Resources, at 815-234-5491, ext 307.

In addition, the program administrator also offers an opportunity to purchase 24-hour unlimited dental accident coverage, and also 24-hour coverage that provides protection during vacations and weekends. If interested in purchasing this coverage, or for more information, please call the plan administrator, Zevitz, Redfield & Associates Inc. at (847) 374-0888 or (312) 346-7460.

K-12 Special Markets is a collection of insurance agencies and insurance companies working together to provide valuable programs covering your children. Visit for details.