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Byron Community School District #226

News Spotlight

Dr. Hammack school picture

Message From Superintendent Hammack

I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Mr. Buster Barton as the new Superintendent of Schools.  Buster is a superior individual and a smart, thoughtful, and high-quality educator.
He is a leader who is capable of fully addressing the challenges of the Superintendency.  I know that the District will prosper under Buster’s leadership.  I look forward to working with Buster during this transitional time.  Mr. Barton is an educational leader who possesses tremendous knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm for the improvement of teacher and student achievement.
Regarding Buster’s work as an instructional leader, he has dedicated himself to acquiring knowledge of teaching and learning practice at a superior level. Mr. Barton is highly knowledgeable concerning best instructional practice for evaluation, use of data to lead instructional improvements, backwards design lesson and unit planning, best instructional practice as determined by the Marzano/MCREL research, Common Core State Standards applications for English/Language Arts and mathematics at the elementary school level, and numerous other areas. In addition, Buster has worked hard to lead instruction by developing his skills at evidence-led post-observation conferences based on the Danielson framework, facilitation of data teams and professional learning community teams, leadership of SMART goal development, and planning and implementation of teacher institute day workshops. For his efforts and leadership work, the Mary Morgan Elementary School, under Mr. Barton’s direction, has evidenced consistently outstanding state achievement scores for its students.  Buster’s most recent work has concerned alignment of the District’s mathematics program.  He has been an able leader in this area.  The National Blue Ribbon School achievement is further evidence of  Buster’ s superb excellence in school leadership.
As a manager of his building, Mr. Barton consistently demonstrates strong skills regarding planning and scheduling of the total school calendar and various committee agendas, fiscal responsibility for planning and implementation of the school budget, federal grants, determining of staffing assignments for teachers and support staff personnel, safety and supervision responsibility, and other related issues such as human resources concerns. In each of these managerial areas, he has distinguished himself as a highly capable individual who completes tasks in an appropriate fashion. 
Perhaps Buster’s greatest strengths are his personal character and his profound enthusiasm and caring for others.  He will be an advocate for the District, place children first with his decision-making, and build powerful working relationships with families and the District.
I am exceedingly proud of Buster and of this accomplishment in his professional career.
Please find the time to wish Buster well on this appointment as Superintendent.
Dr. James Hammack