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Byron Community School District #226

Superintendent Message


Dear Byron Families: 

We realize that a great education incorporates more than just academics.  As a District, we continue to seek ways to meet the needs of the Whole Child.  As a part of this process, we work very hard to ensure the safety of our students.  Providing a safe and secure environment has been, and will continue to be, a priority for our School District.  

We take several measures to ensure our students are provided with a safe and healthy environment.  First, the Byron School District employs Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as a primary means to manage student behavior at each school site.   PBIS is a research and systems-based approach aimed at encouraging positive behaviors while discouraging negative ones.  We also employ lessons throughout the District on a variety of topics that are aimed at supporting the social and emotional development of our students.  This past year the district has hired an additional social worker to help with our students’ social and emotional needs.  All District staff are annually trained on several safety items (i.e.  bullying, mandated reporting, ethics, etc.).  

This past October, as part of a larger school safety initiative, we established an anonymous Safe School Helpline to help any student, staff or parent provide us with information on any student safety matter (i.e. drugs, bullying, threats to others or to self, etc.).     The Helpline can be easily accessed at: 

Toll Free: 1-800-418-6423, ext. 359 (1-800-41-VOICE)

Via Text Message: 66746, TIPS.

Via Website:

In addition to the above measures, we have also taken (or are in process of taking) the following steps specific to our extracurricular programming:  

  • Partnering with Positive Coaches Alliance – The District is in process of completing a partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance, an organization that serves thousands of schools and sports institutions across the country.  This partnership will allow the district to provide ongoing and sustained professional development to District coaches, advisors, students and parents on a multitude of topics. 
  • Leadership Training with Student-Athletes (& Activities) -   The District is in the process of creating an extracurricular student leadership group, which will be run by our District Activities Director, Mr. Jim Kann.  The group will focus on leadership skills, integrity, and school spirit. 
  •  End of Season Athletic Surveys – The District will be implementing end of season athletic surveys for all students and parents.  These web-based surveys will allow District administration and coaches to get immediate feedback on District programs/activities allowing for continued improvements. 
  • Review of Policy and Practices – As a part of reflective practice, The Board of Education will continue to review and update policy to help support a healthy school environment.  

At Byron, we have terrific students who do their very best and we are proud them.  We also have an excellent staff (administrators, teachers, coaches, advisors, and support) that works very hard for our students.  

As always, please reach out if you need anything. 


Buster Barton

Superintendent of Schools