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Byron Community School District #226

New Superintendent Profile is Determined

They also administered an online survey that was accessible through the Byron Dist. 226 website.  In total, 120 people attended the Focus Groups, and 158 people completed the online survey.  Following is a summary of the key findings.

District Strengths

  • A committed, dedicated staff who are passionate about what they do
  • Academic excellence and high expectations
  • People return to the community to raise their own children, largely due to the schools
  • Quality, well-maintained facilites
  • Strong parent/community support and involvement
  • Excellent special education services
  • Excellent extra-curricular and athletic activities
  • A strong current financial position
  • Great kids

District Challenges/Barriers

  • Lack of trust between board, staff and superintendent
  • Need for a shared vision and direction
  • Uncertainty of long-term financial status
  • Low morale among staff members
  • Reduction/elimination of programs, services and personnel impacting students in negative ways

New Superintendent Priorities

  • Develop positive relationships which lead to healing, trust and unification among constituents
  • Develop and communicate a clear vision that articulates the direction for the District
  • Facilitate community leaders toward a positive resolution with Exelon
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment and engagement throughout the district and community by being visible and approachable
  • Develop a focus on the whole-child while keeping educational expectations high. 

New Superintendent Characteristics/Attributes

  • A visible, approachable, people-oriented leader who will embed him/herself into the district and truly become a part of the community
  • An experienced, quality educator and an outstanding instructional leader
  • A team builder/unifier with an ability to develop and maintain quality relationships with staff, parents, students, administrators, board and community
  • The ability to advocate and negotiate for the continued benefit of the school district and its resources
  • Understands the nature of leading a quality school system within the context of a small town
  • A passionate leader who is student-centered and focused on learning
  • A strong communicator and empathetic listener who is able to inspire a shared vision

 The New Superintendent Profile

The New Superintendent Should Be a Person Who:

  • Leads the district by developing a collaborative culture, which is nurtured through open communication, fairness, and transparency.
  • Has a deep knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning with dedication to all areas of the curriculum so that each student has the opportunity for a high quality, well-rounded education.
  • Has warm people skills; is approachable and genuine; demonstrates a sincere interest in the ideas and opinions of others.
  • Is dedicated to and involved with the community of Byron and is able to promote a positive and accurate image of the Byron School District.
  • Is a strong communicator who is able to inspire a shared vision which leads the district forward.
  • Shepherds district resources in a manner that is mindful of the best interests of students, yet respectful of taxpayers.