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Byron Community School District #226

Board Leader Recognition

IASB recognizes school board members who show a dedication and desire to learn more about local school governance, adding to their leadership skills, knowledge of state and national educational issues, and commitment to serving in trust of their community and their students.

Because of their ongoing commitment to continued learning and participation in leadership activities, they have earned the designation as an IASB Established Board Leader.

Professional development opportunities leading to this award included the following activities: board member workshops, attending Joint Annual Conferences, Northwest Division Meetings, etc.

IASB initiated the Board Leader Recognition Program both to honor the dedicated work of school board members and call public attention to the many responsibilities placed on school boards.

School board members are volunteers for our community and for our school district. They commit a significant amount of their personal time to ensure a local voice is heard in community education decisions. Board members make this commitment, not for a paycheck, but to provide quality education opportunities for every student in the district.

The Illinois Association of School Boards is a voluntary organization of local boards of education dedicated to strengthening the public schools through local citizen control. Although not a part of state government, IASB is organized by member school boards as a private not-for-profit corporation under authority granted by Article 23 of The Illinois School Code. More information about IASB Board Leader Recognition Program can be found on the Illinois Association of School Boards website.