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Byron Community School District #226

Board of Education Seeking Input

On behalf of the Board of Education (BOE), I would like to invite you to share your opinion with us regarding a potential change to the Accent on Excellence portion of our regular monthly business meetings. 


Currently, the Board recognizes students and staff on a monthly basis at the beginning of our monthly meeting; examples of these types of recognition include: students of the month from the middle and high schools, individual athletes and sports/academic teams who qualify for state championship series, academic accomplishments, state recognition for music students and coaching/advising recognition awards, just to name a few.  The recognition takes place as an agenda item and when we have a large number of people to accommodate, we move the location to the high school commons area.  Since it is one of many agenda items, after the recognition, the Board returns to the board room and continues with the rest of the meeting.  This recognition is one of our favorite parts of serving on the Board of Education.


The Board is considering making the Accent on Excellence its own meeting!  We are looking into holding these recognition meetings three times per year in December, March, and June.  We would open these meetings with a brief update on district initiatives and then celebrate the many accomplishments of our students and staff.  After the recognitions, families and community members would be free to socialize with each other and enjoy a cookie or sweet treat.  The Board hopes that the new format will provide for more interaction between Board members and the community.  People often have questions, suggestions, or comments that they would like to share with the BOE, but our regular monthly business meetings do not lend themselves to conversations. The Board also believes that the accomplishments of our students and staff deserve a more prestigious platform and transforming the recognition process into three meetings focused specifically on celebrating will elevate the proceedings and give them the spot light they have earned.


If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this proposed change, please reach out to us.  You can contact any one of us via the district website. 


Thank you,

Christine Lynde

Byron BOE President