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Byron Community School District #226

Pest Management Policy

Integrated Pest Management Policy
It is the policy of Byron CUSD #226 to implement Integrated Pest Management procedures to control structural and landscape pests and minimize exposure of children, faculty, and staff to pesticides.
It is the policy of this school district to control pests in the school environment. Pests such as cockroaches, fleas, fire ants, stinging wasps, termites and rodents are annoying and can disrupt the learning environment in schools. Pests are known to bite, sting, or transmit diseases, and may also cause allergic responses.
It is the policy of this school district to reduce exposure to pesticides in the school environment. When pesticides are used to control pests in schools, there is potential for human exposure. Excessive exposure may result in pesticide poisoning or allergic responses in sensitive individuals. Children may be more susceptible to pesticides than adults due to their smaller size and rapid growth and development. Their playful behavior may expose them to more pesticide residues.
Integrated Pest Management
*Non-chemical prevention of pest populations using such methods as sanitation, exclusion, and cultural practices.
*Selecting the least hazardous methods and materials effective for control of targeted pests.
*Precision targeting of pesticides to areas not contacted or accessible to the children, faculty and staff.
*Application of pesticides only “as needed” to correct verified problems.
The success of IPM in schools is dependent upon:
*Full cooperation of administrators, faculty, maintenance/custodial staff, parents, and students.
*Establishment of a school district-wide IPM coordinator and advisory committee.
*School-based safety committees shall include pest management and pesitcide policy as part of their agenda.
*Each school shall designate a staff member to coordinate the IPM program and maintain pest management records.
A downloadable and printable version of this policy and the notification designation form are linked below.