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What is eBackpack?
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What information is there for students and their families?
Students and parents are invited to check out the Byron School District LMS information page to get answers to questions on why we use an LMS and some common "how-to" solutions for working with eBackpack.

I'm new to eBackpack. Where do I start?
At the start of each year, teachers are encouraged to log into their eBackpack account and adjust their account settings for the year. Items you'll want to take care of first thing are 
  • Connect with the cloud (O365, Google Drive, Dropbox)
  • Show/hide classes
  • Adjust class settings
add a welcome announcement
customize the name and icon for each class
set file sharing options
set gradebook sync options
set custom default due dates/times
  • Print parent codes to share with families
  • Create a short bio for the "About this class" section in each course
New users, and those that need a refresher, can find many helpful videos on the eBackpack YouTube channel. Additional tutorials and walk-through documents can be found within the eBackpack Support Portal

How do I access eBackpack?
The URL for the district portal to eBackpack is There is a link under the Staff tab of the district web site homepage but it might be easier to bookmark/favorite. Students and teachers login from the same site. The Parent Portal has a different login site and is linked for them under the Parent tab of the district web site homepage. Teachers login with their network username. If you need assistance with a forgotten password, use the Forgot your password? link.
Teacher and Student Login                             Parent Login
ebackpack teacher-student login                     ebackpack parent login

What do I need to do at the end of the school year?
Each summer we roll over our account with eBackpack, uploading new teachers and classes according to the new school year's registration. At the end of a school year, teachers are asked to ensure any files they want preserved be saved in their My Files section. This can be found under the Workspace tab. Backing up files and moving them between classes can also be easily done using drag and drop in the Organize section. A reminder email is sent to teachers at the end of each school year.
eBackpack workspace menu

Something isn't working in eBackpack. What do I do?
First, teachers are encouraged to check out the many training and tutorial resources eBackpack provides (see links above). The issue may be simply not knowing how to properly execute a feature. If a solution cannot be located in the resources provided by eBackpack, teachers may submit a ticket directly to eBackpack (a link for this is in their support portal) or submit an IT Request in SchoolDude. SchoolDude will route your issue to the proper Byron technology personnel. A link for SchoolDude's login is under the Staff tab on the district web site homepage.

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