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Byron Community School District #226

Statement From the Administration of Byron CUSD 226 and Meridian CUSD 223

Please be advised that our administrations are working together and investigating the incidents of poor behaviors stemming from our Friday evening football game. Additionally, we will reiterate to our students and fans about what it means to be good sports and to remind them that our expectation is for all students and fans to act with dignity and class at all times. 

Dr. James Hammack – Superintendent for Byron CUSD 226

Dr. Phillip J. Caposey – Superintendent for Meridian CUSD 223


Football coaches shake before the gameJeff Boyer, Byron High School Football Coach and Mike Lalor, Stillman Valley High School Football Coach exchange handshakes, well-wishes, and feelings of mutual respect  prior to Friday’s game.  Thank you, coaches, for this fine example of sportsmanship.