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Byron Community School District #226

Collective Bargaining Agreement Between Byron CUSD 226 BOE and BEA

At this time, it is with commendation that the efforts of the individual negotiators are recognized for their knowledge and skills in reaching an agreement that is fair and beneficial to the teachers and taxpayers of the Byron CUSD 226.  Those negotiators are named as follows:  Mr. Ed Clift – Board of Education Negotiator; Mr. Phil Kesler – Board of Education Negotiator; Dr. James Hammack – Byron CUSD 226 Superintendent of Schools; Mr. Richard Petesch – Byron CUSD 226 Legal Counsel, Whitt Law, LLC.; Mr. Christian Kerr – Byron CUSD 226 Director of Fiscal Services; Mr. Robert Baker – Byron Education Association Chief Negotiator; Mr. Derrick Palmer – Byron Education Association Negotiator; Mr. Dale Hartman – Byron Education Association Negotiator, and Mrs. Susan Goudreau – Illinois Education Association, Uniserv Director, Region 20.

The ratified, Collective Bargaining Agreement provides for compensation and benefits which will serve to preserve and attract a high-functioning teaching force for the school district. 

The Byron Community Unit School District 226 is consistently recognized as one of  the premier unit school districts in  the State of Illinois.  The District, its Board, administration, teachers, and support staff personnel are, supremely, dedicated to providing for, servicing and supporting, the highest-quality educational outcomes for students and their families.