Preschool Screening
From Mr. Barton
The Byron School District will be holding preschool screenings on the follwoing dates from 8:00 am to 11:00 am at Mary Morgan Elementary School.

September 12, 2014November 7, 2014February 27, 2015April 17, 2015May 19, 2015

This screening is for Byron school district residents only. The developmental screening is for children ages 3-5 years old. Areas of development that are screened include language, concepts, motor, hearing, and vision. Please call Joy at 815-234-5491 x 223 to make an appointment for your child.

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Dates to Remember
  • Picture Day
    August 29th

  • No School - Labor Day
    September 1st 

For the history of Labor Day
see this link: Labor Day!


Morning Drop-off Procedures
From Mr. Barton


In effort to increase the current level of building security, we are making a slight change to our drop-off procedures.

Parents are still directed to drop their children off at their currently designated drop off area from 7:50 – 8:10, at which time the first bell rings, allowing students to enter the building. In the past, to allow for efficient student access to classrooms, the doorways at all drop-off areas remained accessible until 8:20, when the tardy bell rang.  

Moving forward, however, those doorways will not be accessible and all students dropped off after 8:10 will need to go through the office area, regardless of grade level. This means any student dropped off after 8:10 must enter the building through the office doors. As always, students will not be counted as tardy until 8:20.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the school office. State Law: No Cell Phones in School Zones  Pick-up and Drop-off Diagram [pdf]  

Food Service Payments 

The Byron School District is no longer using MySchoolBucks.com for food service payments. Payments are to be made using Skyward Family Access, the same program used for student registration.

Click Here For Skyward Family Access

After login, click on the Food Service link found in the left navigation pane where you can view totals or make a payment. Food Service

New:  Common Core State Standards and PARCC Assessment 
From Mr. Barton

 Common Core and PARCC

The Illinois State Board of Education has adopted new Math and English Language Arts standards for K-12 education known as the New Illinois State Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core. The goal is to better prepare Illinois students for success in college and the workforce in a competitive global economy. You can learn more about the Common Core State Standards at : http://www.corestandards.org/

The state has determined that the current expectations for our students in grades 3-8 are too low and do not give an accurate picture of a student’s ability to succeed in college and the workforce. Therefore, the Illinois State Board of Education is raising the bar on the ISAT performance expectations in Math and English Language Arts for elementary and middle school students to bring them into line with the Common Core’s more rigorous standards.

The new expectations also pave the way for the state to replace the ISAT tests in Math and English Language Arts with the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) exams. The PARCC exams will line up with the Common Core State Standards and provide better information about students’ abilities to master the appropriate skills and content for college and careers. Unlike the ISAT, which is given once a year, the PARCC tests will be given more than once during the school year. This should help give educators a more detailed picture of students’ strengths and areas that need improvement. The new PARCC tests are scheduled to begin in the 2014-2015 school year. You can learn more about the upcoming PARCC assessment at: http://www.parcconline.org/

Though more difficult, these higher standards will better position students to tackle the challenges of college and careers. With these new tools and standards – and with your help – we are confident that our students will rise to the occasion.


Mary Morgan 1:1 Initiative
From Mr. Barton


The 4th and 5th grade students will be loaned a laptop to improve and personalize his/her education. It is essential that the Byron Community Schools Laptop Use Guidelines be followed to ensure the safe, efficient and ethical operation of the district's laptop.

Computer and Network Procedures Responsibilities and Terms  Laptop Care and Use Damage Guidelines

Have a question? Goto the Frequently Asked Question Page

Classroom Technology Projects
From Mr. Barton

Classroom technology ProjectsLink to the Classroom Technology Projects page to view projects created byour Mary Morgan students.  Examples include:

  • Mrs. Ludwig's O.R.E.O Animoto Project
  • Mrs. Schilling's Wax Museum AudioBoo and Scratch Projects
  • Mrs. Gura's PowToon Geography and Native Americans Project
  • Mrs. McGarry and Mrs. Little's QR code Project
  • Mrs. Gura'a American Revolution on Fakebook.
  • Mrs. Ludwig's and Mrs. Crull's Postcard Project
  • Mrs. Schilling's Economic's Projects using Movie Maker to create commericals
  • Mrs. Ludwig's animoto Mother's Day Project
  • Mrs. Reecher's 5th grade Science Project on Forces
  • Mrs. Politsch, Mrs. Schreiber, Mrs. Roush and Mrs. Walsh using SmileBox for thier Mother's Day Project


Buster Barton, Principal 
Jeff Milburn, Assistant Principal